Apr 2, 2016

Racketeers, Hacks and Followers

The Greenpeace A.E. Bates thermal airship flies over Seattle,
Washington on March 25, 2016, urging Hillary Clinton
to reject fossil fuel money in her campaign
Photo by Marcus Donner, Greenpeace.
From Greenpeace: "According to data compiled by Greenpeace’s research department, Secretary Clinton’s campaign and the Super PAC supporting her have received more than $4.5 million from the fossil fuel industry during the 2016 election cycle. Eleven registered oil and gas industry lobbyists have bundled over One million dollars to her campaign"

But Hillary Clinton persists in her lies, assuring all of her noble intentions, as congressional democrats fall in line. The latest: Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), (Madison.com).

Baldwin fails to note in her piece Sanders consistently outperforms Clinton in match-ups against Repulbican general-election opponents, concluding nevertheless, "To me, the choice is clear. I voted early for Hillary this week. On Tuesday, I hope you will vote for her, too. There is simply too much at stake."

Not persuasive, and a worse argument than Wisconsin citizens have a right to expect from Baldwin as Sanders has a consistent progressive record, and Clinton certainly does not. Baldwin certainly knows Sanders is the progressive, civil rights activist in this campaign against the corporatist Clinton who on the campaign has moved towards Sanders' positions across the board.

As Rob Ganson put it this morning: "A note for (Wisconsin) superdelegates. Superdelegates who wait for the primary and reflect the vote of their constituents are representatives. Those who pledge their super-duper votes prior to their primary are racketeers," (Facebook).

Or one might say, hacks or followers.

Politically, Tammy Baldwin has sold out. This is what D.C. does to people and it took Tammy Baldwin all of three years.

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