Mar 15, 2016

Delegate Math Favors Surging Bernie Sanders

By James Rottering (Facebook)

In the heavily front-loaded Democratic primary of 2008, a number of delegates equal to 89% of the total needed to win nomination had already been awarded by the end of Super Tuesday (February 5th). 1,886 delegates had been awarded, 2,118 needed to win. Clinton was about 45.5% of the way to the ultimate goal, and Obama was slightly behind at 43.5%.

Here in 2016, as of today only 54% of the total delegates needed to win have been awarded. (1,290 out of 2,382 needed). Clinton is 31.4% of the way to the finish line, while Bernie Sanders is 22.75% of the way there.

After tomorrow's contests (FL, IL, NC, MO, OH), 83.42% of the total delegates needed will have been awarded.

It won't be until after NEXT Tuesday's contests (AZ, ID, UT (March 22)) that we finally get to the same point in the 2016 primary where we were on Super Tuesday 2008: 89% of the total delegates needed to secure nomination will have been awarded.

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