Jan 2, 2016

Wisconsin Republicans Want to Kill More Local Control, Block Access to Voting

Mary Spicuzza reports in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel this weekend more Republican schemes to stop voters and enact punishing measures on working class families.

A pair of Republican lawmakers are circulating a proposal that would prohibit county and town governments from issuing — or spending money on — photo identification cards.

The legislation would also bar photo ID cards issued by cities or villages from being used for things like voting or obtaining public benefits, such as food stamps.

Critics say the legislation is an attack on local control and is targeting a plan recently approved by city and county officials in Milwaukee to issue local identification cards to the homeless, immigrants in the country illegally and other residents unable to obtain state driver's licenses or other residents unable to obtain state driver's licenses or other government-issued ID cards. They also say the bill is an example of anti-immigrant discrimination.

Destroying voting rights and community democracy is destroying human rights. Such a project in intended to keep Republicans in office and is a continuation of past voter obstruction efforts.

The Republican project is to bash low-income families in nihilistic service to plutocrats and far-rightist ideologues.

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