Jan 13, 2016

Explosive Revelations in Stephen Avery-Dassey Case from In Touch Journal

In Touch journal reports:

The jury in the Steven Avery murder case may have deliberated improperly or considered highly inflammatory evidence that wasn’t presented at trial, which could open the door for a new trial, a world exclusive In Touch investigation has uncovered.

In Touch spoke in person exclusively to 13 of the 16 jurors on the case (including alternates) and while some had little to say, four of them opened up and gave new details of what happened in the jury room for the case that spawned Netflix’s viral 10-part hit, Making a Murderer. ...

One juror, when asked why they voted guilty and what they thought happened to murder victim Teresa Halbach, said 'Torture and rape. Then he shot her in the head. He cut her up and put her in a burn barrel.'

The juror’s comments are significant because no evidence of Teresa being raped and tortured was allowed in Avery’s trial. That information comes from a confession given by Avery’s nephew Brendan Dassey and was part of a pre-trial press conference given by prosecutor Ken Kratz [sexual harasser].

Justice may be coming, stay tuned.

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