Dec 20, 2015

Reports: Scott Walker Is Destroying the Middle Class

Even as Scott Walker and the Republicans attack transparent government and promote dark money, new reports demonstrate the evisceration of the middle class in Wisconsin under Republican rule.

Just think Scott Walker actually believed he was "called" to bring to the nation what he has inflicted onto Wisconsin.

It was widely predicted last spring Walker was a lightweight who could not handle a presidential primary campaign.

The only question now is whether Walker's wreckage of Wisconsin's middle class was done purposely or accomplished by Walker's incompetence.

From Joel Rogers in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: "According to a recent report from the Pew Research Center, Wisconsin now leads the nation in destroying its middle class. Defining 'middle-class households' as those with income 67% to 200% of their state's median, Pew showed Wisconsin leading all other states in the 2000-2013 period in its rate of loss. The finding is shocking, but probably not news to anyone who's been watching Wisconsin trends in wages, jobs and income. As COWS, a think tank based in Madison, has consistently shown in its annual State of Working Wisconsin, wages have been stagnant, job growth anemic and income has been declining for a long time."

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