Dec 20, 2015

Bernie Sanders: The Middle Class Is My Establishment

The corporate press has dubbed Bernie Sanders the anti-establishment candidate (Healy, NYT), while maintaining Hillary Clinton cannot lose the Democratic Party nomination for the presidency (NYT).

Sanders had a message last night at the third Democratic debate hosted by ABC News in New Hampshire: The Middle class is my establishment; the special interests' establishment are ruining this county.

"[T]he same pundits lauding Clinton's lead currently in the polls are the same pundits who praised Clinton's lead in 2014 and 2007," noted H.L.Goodman in October.

Clinton and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz want a rigged primary.

Their efforts could prove to be another colossal misreading of what the base of the Democratic Party wants, ala 2008.

To illustrate the disdain towards Wasserman Schultz and Clinton, consider the MoveOn petition on what would typically be obscure inside-baseball: DNC list sharing, I/T frackups and viewing of lists.

As of early Sunday morning, the day after third debate, 282,283 people had signed the following statement demanding Wasserman Schultz and Clinton back down from attacking and sanctioning Sanders (they did):

We demand that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz immediately reinstate the Bernie Sanders campaign's access to the DNC's 50-state voter file, which is crucial for voter outreach in the last weeks before the first Democratic caucuses. Shutting down Sanders' tools to reach voters is an infringement on democracy.  

That's a lot of people demanding changes and promoting democracy in the Democratic Party.

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