Nov 7, 2015

Gov. Doyle Saved Mercury Marine; Scott Walker Asleep at the Wheel

Six years ago, Gov. Jim Doyle, the city and county of Fond du Lac and (IAM) Local 1947 pulled out all stops to save 1,000s of jobs in the Fox River Valley at Mercury Marine and the region, (Mal Contends) (Mal Contends).

As for Gov. Scott Walker and Oscar Mayer? Walker is asleep at the wheel.

And Walker is very testy about Wisconsin citizens asking any questions, (Democurmudgeon).

Walker denied there was anything he or his 'jobs' agency could have done, saying "... it has nothing to do with Wisconsin and has everything to do with a corporate decision ... ," (WISC-TV).

Bad message, shows Walker is out-of-touch and helps only his cronies and donors.

Walker switched tracks on Friday and wrote a letter to Democratic legislators, saying Republicans and Democrats "need to work together to help the workers and families being hurt ... ."

Following Walker's epic failure of his 'jobs' agency, (Ivey, The Capital Times) the only question is if Wisconsin can survive the rest of Walker's tenure.

Typical Scott Walker: Deny, qualify, reverse and no accountability from Governor Jobs Failure.

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