Nov 6, 2015

Clean Water Advocates Rally Saturday Follows Human and Pig Deaths

In July, "A father and his son who were so close that they were 'like glue' were killed by noxious fumes from an Iowa hog manure pit — the second father and son in the Midwest to die of poisonous manure pit gases this month," (Rogers and Eller, USA Today).

This week, "[m]ore than 1,000 market weight hogs were killed last week after being overcome by pit gases at a hog farm near Tracy, Iowa. ... There are four powerful poisons can be present in manure pits, especially in those below the ground – hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, carbon dioxide, and methane. In August, manure pit fumes killed four workers in two separate incidents in Iowa and Wisconsin," (Bowman, PORK Network) (KNIA/KRLS News). (WQOW-Eau Claire)

These are just the toxic gases produced from industrialized Concentrated (Confined) Agricultural Feeding Operations (CAFOs).

The CAFO assault on communities and families also comes in the form of biological attacks, and destruction of aquifers and surface waters, while drying up and poisoning streams, lakes, and creating dead zones in Lake Michigan.

As noted here, clean water advocates, sustainable farmers, property owners seeing plummeting valuations and other opponents of CAFOs have seen hospitalized children who drank water out of the faucet, and watched politicians set the state on a trajectory towards undrinkable water, and toxic air (Citizens Concerned about Lake Superior CAFOs) as the Dept. of Natural Resources has become a polluters' lobby under Scott Walker, (Facebook)).

Industrialized agriculture is waging a war on communities with a lot of help from corrupt Wisconsin politicians.

Citizens rallying Saturday at the Wisconsin state capitol in Madison at 1:00 p.m. intend to raise a stink about this.

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