Nov 2, 2015

Central Wisconsin Wants Golf Resort; Opposes Industrialized, Polluting Dairy

Huge sand deposits in region guarantee environmental and health
catastrophes if millions of gallons of liquid and aerial
cow manure continue to be dumped into the environment
Updated - Opponents of a proposed massive factory farm sited in Wood and Adams counties are working on several fronts to stop the proposed Wycocki CAFO or Concentrated (Confined) Agricultural Feeding Operation in the Town of Saratoga.

One campaign has citizen groups reaching out to promote the tourism and and recreational potential of the region, located at the bottom of an ancient glacial lake in the Central or 'Golden Sands' region of Wisconsin.

Citizens point out specifically the region known for its towering pine trees and waters is perfect for the Sand Valley Golf Resort, a world-class sand dunes sanctuary already drawing raves among golf enthusiasts, (Kerr-Dineen, Golf Digest).

Area residents point out the Resort would draw little water because of its large sand composition, and spur economic development through restaurants and hotels, in concert with existing recreational attractions.

Ancient Glacial Lake Wisconsin -
17,000 years ago
Against this effort is the "Wysocki Family of [Companies' proposed] Golden Sands CAFO in Saratoga that will be home to over 6,000 animal units ... [producing] 50 million gallons of liquid waste per year," (Rearjet, Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune), through the use of some 38 high capacity water wells each drawing over 100,000 gallons per day to mix with the tons of annual cow manure that would be sprayed back into the environment with predictable dangerous health and environmental consequences. [See also High-Density Livestock Operations, Crop Field Application of Manure, and Risk of Community-Associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Infection in Pennsylvania; by Joan A. Casey, MA; Frank C. Curriero, PhD, MA; Sara E. Cosgrove, MD, MS; Keeve E. Nachman, PhD, MHS; Brian S. Schwartz, MD]

Infestations of flies and rats are common around CAFOs and neighboring communities, notes widely research on polluting CAFOs.

The Wysocki corporation's proposed CAFO would be sited just miles north of the Sand Valley Golf Resort, a proximity that a strong north wind bringing ammonia, a putrid odor and flies would make clear.

Clean water advocates, sustainable farm advocates, business consultants, property owners seeing plummeting valuations and other opponents of CAFOs from across Wisconsin are rallying in Madison Nov. 7 at the state capitol at 1:00 p.m. this coming Saturday, (Citizens Concerned about Lake Superior CAFOs (Facebook)).

They are demanding the state of Wisconsin support clean water, clean air and take measures against Big Ag and CAFOs assuring the Wisconsin Constitution's Public Trust Doctrine is no longer ignored by Scott Walker and state Republicans who have taken $ millions in campaign donations from agricultural polluters and have launched an attack on the Public Trust Doctrine.

From an email sent to supporters this weekend by retired business consultant, Don Ystad of Rome, Wisconsin in northern Adams County:
I don't want to be seen as a shill for Sand Valley, but this is the kind of development that helps our area to thrive. It highlights a natural resource that had been hidden within a paper pulp tree plantation. It's a links type course using far less water than a traditional course. And, hiking trails will permit public access so we can all enjoy the dunes. If its anything like their other world class golf resorts, the boon to area commerce and property values is encouraging.

Contrast that to the proposed Wysocki Dairy CAFO that affects air and water quality, and even worse, can cause declining property values. Don't allow this proposed CAFO to compromise our existing recreational area or the growth we will all feel from Sand Valley. The DNR's Environmental Impact Study and public hearing are expected in just a few months. If you've been on the sideline regarding this proposed affront to our recreational area, its time to exercise the power of the 'court of public opinion'. Join forces with your neighbors who are making their voices heard all over the state. A few minutes of your time now can prevent a lifetime of regret. Get on board at Protect Wood County or Rome Saratoga Friendly on Facebook. And check Sand Valley's website. It's very impressive

Citizens promoting their area's economy by protecting its natural resources, a message that is gaining power across Wisconsin
Sand Valley Golf Resort map pitches to golf enthusiasts across the Midwest

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