Oct 5, 2015

Scott Walker's New Scheme to Use Government Against Opponents

Most Americans believe we live in a Constitutional representative democracy where citizens can at least count on elected representatives to make policy with an eye toward the welfare of the citizenry.

Republicans no longer believe in this.

Government is a tool used against political opponents, against the right to vote, used to reward financial benefactors, and used as a means of keeping in power, through gerrymandering, the very corrupt politicians now infesting the body politic.

Scott Walker, who has already turned civil service positions into political appointees, now wants the civil service-hired employees to become part of a Republican machine to be used against opponents.

Do you trust your personal information with Republican-vetted bureaucrats?

Believe that Wisconsin Republicans will maliciously use the Department of Justice, the Department of Revenue and other levers of government for corrupt purposes.

If you trust Republican Party forbearance and ethics will keep the corrupt use of public office in check, you're dreaming.

Consider Scott Walker's corrupt use of the Milwaukee County Executive's office and his illegal scheme to coordinate massive private pay-off money for his own corrupt purposes, and the elimination of independent checks on corruption that Republicans wish to eliminate.

Wisconsin's survival as a healthy democratic state depends on not just an aroused and informed citizenry, it depends on a federal check against the public misconduct of the Walker administration and all its fetid tentacles.

Bear in mind Scott Walker will remain a corrupt, narrow-minded lightweight not fit for public office.

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