Oct 21, 2015

Ryan and Walker Are Both Battered by Provincialism and Narcissism

Update: Ayn Rand would have been proud: Freedom Caucus Majority Backs Paul Ryan for House Speaker (New York Times). Look out Social Security and Medicare, there's a new speaker in town.

Scott Walker and Paul Ryan are not Wisconsin's finest.

Not towering intellects. Not dedicated public servants. Not civil rights activists. Not teachers, or writers or artists, handymen. One could on.

No, Walker and Ryan are victims, suffering from personality disorders, extreme even for lifelong politicians.

Witness the megalomaniacal Walker's 2016 run for the presidency marked by delusions of grandeur of a historical figure on a march to save the United States, as ordered by god (Mal Contends). The journey lasted 70 days, (Johnson, Washington Post).

Walker's political BFF, Paul Ryan, looks to abort his qualified run for the Speaker of the House after 24 hours (Marshall, Talking Points Memo (TPM)).

Turns out House rightists, the Freedom Caucus, are offended by Walker's demands. Notes TPM's Marshall:

Caucus co-founder Matt Salmon compared Ryan's demands for family time to 'interviewing a maid for a job and she says, ‘I don’t clean windows, I don’t do floors, I don’t do beds, these are the hours I’ll work.'
Ryan's pronouncement that he "cannot and will not give up my family time," is not resonating with every American family lacking Ryan's entitlements and privileges. Moreover, Ryan's penchant to lie, exposed repeatedly by Paul Krugman, is becoming conventional wisdom.

Ryan's vainglorious ideal of a Speaker Ryan with his demands of loyalty and more power may have lasted less than a hurried hump day.

Walker and Ryan are not students of history.

No, they're just a couple of corrupt politicians from Wisconsin who made the transformation from being astonished their schemes have gone on as long as they have, to being a baleful type of political figure who actually believes aides' press releases and the fawning accolades and obsequious praise that come with taking money, following orders and forgetting the people of Wisconsin whom they were elected to represent.

Ryan will become a laughing stock fast.

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