Oct 28, 2015

Latinos Tell GOP: Stop Demonizing

The forces of hate in the Republican Party are loosed upon a population already targeted by the rightwing.

Republican Latinos, are speaking up on the eve of tonight's GOP debate and delivering a message to Republicans: Knock it off.

Without demonizing black and brown, the Republican Party is listless.

Allegra Kirkland at TPM has the story:

According to NBC, Tony Suarez, Executive Vice President of the National Hispanic Leadership Conference, said Trump's candidacy 'needs to be canceled like his last reality TV program.'

Mr. Trump has become a promoter of hate, division and insult,' Suarez said. 'If Mr. Trump were to be the Republican nominee — I don't think he has a chance at winning the general election.'

I doubt if Trump or any Republican contending for the presidential nomination will say, 'enough hate, now' tonight.

Hate is what the Republican Party does.

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