Oct 30, 2015

Analysis Suggests Sanders Will Overtake Clinton

Excellent analysis in the Huffington Post by H.A. Goodman arguing why Bernie Sanders will overtake Hillary Clinton.

"[T]he same pundits lauding Clinton's lead currently in the polls are the same pundits who praised Clinton's lead in 2014 and 2007," notes Goodman.

Sanders without a SuperPac has risen faster and further to this point exceeding his own expectations, drawing huge crowds for months.

Clinton famously misread the 2007-08 campaign, ignoring the change election the American people wanted.

Now, Clinton is making similar mistakes, crowing about her pledged superdelegates, launching general election red-baiting and faux outrage attacks on Sanders while ignoring the fact the Democratic Party-voting electorate wishes to choose their next president.

Clinton wants a fixed primary.

Clinton is getting it through her ally, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who insists on scheduling only six sanctioned debates and threatening candidates not to appear in others as they try to take away the Democratic Presidential Primary from voters.

Six debates from the 25 in 2007-08.

The more democratic and open the primary, the more Clinton's perceived untrustworthy character, coziness with Wall Street and horrible record on foreign policy will doom Clinton's 2015-16 run.

Wasserman Schultz and Clinton realize Clinton v. Sanders means Sanders wins, and Clinton loses, hence the closed-off nature of the primary.

And Wall Street crashing the economy in 2007-08, who are Democratic voters going to trust, Sanders or Clinton?

To the extent the 2015-16 primary becomes a fix-is-in v. voters-decide campaign, Sanders wins.

Wasserman Schultz is quoted in a piece this week that she "wish[es] the Republicans would debate everyday" because they are so out of touch (WDET Radio, Wayne State University). Debating often is a democratic nicety Wasserman Schultz and Clinton deny the Democratic Party, an irony that did a fly-by over the DNC Chair.

Republicans are not the only ones out of touch.

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