Sep 25, 2015

Scott Walker Aims at Wisconsin's Century-old Civil Service System

Governing by Deceit

Scott Walker never campaigned on eliminating Wisconsin's century-old civil service system before or during his five-year tenure as governor.

No one did.

Fresh from a humiliating 'campaign' for the presidency, Walker discerned (from god apparently) he has been called to eliminate the anti-corruption system (DeFour, Wisconsin State Journal).

Scott Walker in 2011 turned civil service state positions into 37 new Walker political appointees just a month after declaring, "we're broke," (Stein, Marley, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel).

Poor Scott Walker.

Scotty's a sad, little man who wants to stack myriad levels of state government with Scott Walker cronies.

Wisconsin is mobilizing by this latest ambush by Walker.

Noted by DeFour is the fact Walker said the civil service system is a critical part of the public labor system in Wisconsin when he deceived the Wisconsin people in 2011:

The move comes more than four years after Walker swept away collective bargaining for most public-sector employees, a proposal he defended by saying the civil service system is 'the protection that workers have that’s the most important in the state of Wisconsin. … It was there long before collective bargaining, it’ll be there long after.'

One surmises god has a different take now, more plausibly Walker is an inveterate liar.

Maybe Scott Walker will be called in the future to propose legislation mandating allegiance to Scott Walker as a condition of state employment, maybe that's what Walker is doing now.

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