Aug 1, 2015

Scott Walker’s office 'obstructed' probe of missing veterans funds, say investigators

Update: Significance of Dee Hall's piece is that evidence of the Scott Walker obstruction of law enforcement probe looking into missing money of veterans' fund is now in federal court in a brief (dated July 31, 2015) using only publicly released documents beyond the reach of Republicans on the Wisconsin Supreme Court that attempted to sanitize and cover up for Scott Walker's duplicity and apparent illegal actions as County Executive.
Scott Walker's long-time aides and appointees are some real low-life types, embezzling from a military veterans' fund with Walker and his office (Milwaukee County Executive (2002-10)) playing interference.

 Dee J. Hall has the story at WisconsinWatch.

Scott Walker and Republicans still believe the rule of law does not apply to favored Republicans like Walker. (Mal Contends)

But the crooks and liars from John Doe I are coming back to bite Walker, and many 1,000s of pages of documents remain in the public domain beyond the reach of Walker and the four Republican justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Wonder what Walker's next move is, telling the convicted to shut up?

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