Aug 28, 2015

Scott Walker's Latest Nonsequitur: On Virginia Killings

WDBJ-TV reporter, Alison Parker and
cameraman, Adam Ward
Scott Walker's vacuity has begun to show in the weeks following his July announcement for the presidency as must-win Iowa is slipping away.

Walker's latest incoherent and inane judgment is Walker's response to Hillary Clinton's condemnation of the Virgina gun killings and her call for murder-control measures (LA Times). Clinton made her comments outside of Des Moines Wednesday. (Bauer, AP; Yahoo News)

In response, Walker said, "It's unfortunate that all too often we've seen from people like Hillary Clinton a political reaction to something that's much more sophisticated and challenging than that."

Multiple murders are not "sophisticated," another poor word choice by the wanna-be president.

Two Milwaukee TV stations have now suspended live field coverage after the on-air killings.

Clinton's call for a public policy change, opposed by the National Rifle Association which gives Walker an A+ rating, echoes that of the murdered WDBJ-TV reporter's (Alison Parker) father, Alan Parker, (Reuters) and Ms. Parker's boyfriend (CNN), and Clinton's own past statements as a U.S. senator from New York.

WDBJ-TV cameraman, Adam Ward, was also killed.

Walker is a lightweight, and the nation—along with the Republican Party—are coming to this realization.

It's already known that Walker the lifelong politician never attempts to speak or use the government of the Wisconsin people without making a political calculation.

In the face of this horrific murder, it ought to be clear Scott Walker is an ass, and indecent to carry the NRA's water as more families grieve.


  1. You are kind to call him an Ass. He is so much less than than that. He makes asses look

  2. Given that the gun murder rate in Milwaukee has doubled since he took office what is he doing about that?

    1. As metropolitan Milwaukee does not vote for Milwaukee, Walker is doing nothing as Walker's de facto ally, Chris Abele, is working with Walker in pushing the City to the brink. Any measure that helps the Milwaukee people is effectively vetoed by Walker. Abele is now working with the detritus of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, no surprise there.