Aug 21, 2015

Scott Walker Says It's "Ridiculous" to Meet with Black Lives Matter

Fresh off a bizarre performance at the Des Monies Register soapbox in which Scott Walker refused to listen to any questions from black citizens gathered, and bellowed he is not "intimidated," a flustered Scott Walker veered into another bizarre response when asked if he would meet with members of Black Lives Matter.

"Asked at a ‘Politics and Eggs’ breakfast forum in Manchester on Friday if he would take some time to sit down with the African-American activists, Walker called the question 'ridiculous,' mocking the civil rights group," reports Raw Story (Boggioni), citing a dispatch from the Daily Mail (UK). (CNN) (Capital Times)

"I’m here to talk to voters in New Hampshire about things that matter,' Walker told the Daily Mail reporter.

No follow-up yet from the Walker campaign, but observers must be wondering why Walker didn't just say, 'sure, I would be happy to sit down and talk.' Video is below:

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