Aug 11, 2015

Scott Walker Brings McCarthyism Back to Wisconsin

Scott Walker cannot stand the expression of speech, political activity or as Michael Mann and Randi Weingarten point out in The Guardian today, scientific inquiry surpassing the confines of Walker's evangelical worldview.

Walker now routines boasts of taking on the Wisconsin citizenry as though popular sentiment and civil rights are defects in society to overcome.

Of course in Scott Walker's worldview, this neo-fascist outlook is precisely what drives Walker to use the machinery of government to destroy the rights and common wealth of the people of Wisconsin.

That the University of Wisconsin System should ever face such fervent and fetid opposition as Scott Walker and the Republican Party is a nightmare project that not even Joe McCarthy dared attempt.

Note Mann and Weingarten:

In Wisconsin, legislators have just lowered the high bar for dismissing tenured faculty at the direct demand of Scott Walker and the state Republican regime. Shared governance, in which the Wisconsin university system once led the world, has been reduced to a mere advisory process. In practice, this means that decisions about academic programs – and the faculty who work on them – will be made by administrators who are either themselves political appointees or who serve at the leisure of these appointees.
Scott Walker is a candidate for the presidency of the United States and wishes to inflict onto the nation what he has wrought onto Wisconsin.

Fred Harvey Harrington (1912–1995), Wisconsin needs you.

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