Aug 14, 2015

Scott Walker Auctioning off DNR Land to Cover His Fiscal Deficit

Scott Walker in 2011, pathological liar
then and now.
Wildlife refuges, protected river-front property, fisheries' land, forests, and on and on—come and get it, everything must go.

Notes Bernie Starzewski‎ from Manitowoc County, "A list of all the lands Walker and the Republicans are auctioning off to cover [Walker's budget] deficits" can be found at Land Sale listing of Wisconsin DNR, with more to come.

Scott Walker invented a fiscal crisis in 2011, and then made a real fiscal crisis through tax cuts for wealthy campaign contributors, while pushing for the power to sell off public land to foreign investors and his campaign donors.

The Wisconsin State Building Commission is chaired by Scott Walker though the website conceals the membership. Members can be found here at the Wisconsin DoA ['Department of All'], dominated by Republicans eager to please flush developers.

Walker selling off state assets to cover his corruption and fiscal incompetence is not breaking news, but bears noting repetitiously as Wisconsin might take a long time to recover from the corrupter and thief in the night (Wisconsin Public Radio, The Political Environment).

In Dane County, public lands on the auctioning block include sanctuaries and land described by the DoA as Token Creek Rearing Station, Scattered Wildlife and Extensive Wildlife Habitat. The DNR websites are broken and omit any more information about the lands.

The Token Creek Rearing Station is described by the Wisconsin State Historical Society as sited in the town of Burke.

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