Jul 24, 2015

Wisconsin Supreme Court's Legitimacy Is Gone

Readers will not find Wisconsin attorneys blasting Justices Roggensack-Prosser Jr.-Ziegler-Gableman as a bloc for rightwing special interests following the Court's decision shutting down the John Doe probe—creating a Wisconsin-GOP-only interpretation of campaign finance law and the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

There's a compelling reason for silence among Wisconsin jurists, and it's not based on sentiment or position.

To call out Roggensack-Prosser Jr.-Ziegler-Gableman as corrupt would be an ethical breach for a Wisconsin attorney, violative of (Wisconsin Supreme Court Rule) SCR 20:8.2  Judicial and legal officials.

So it's up to some 20 writers or so across that the state to note, as does Lincoln Caplan in The New Yorker, that the four Republican members of the Court "substituted the misrule of politics for the rule of law."

Justice Roggensack, Prosser Jr., Ziegler and Gableman are corrupt and ruled according to whom the litigants are.

Photo ID

Back before League of Women Voters of Wisconsin v. Walker and Milwaukee Branch of the NAACP v. Walker reached the Wisconsin Supreme Court, I asked around: Did Wisconsin Act 23, the GOP-crafted photo voter ID law, have a chance at the Court in light of the Wisconsin Constitution, Article III, Section 1 reading: "Every United States citizen age 18 or older who is a resident of an election district in this state is a qualified elector of that district," an expansive guarantee to vote that has been under attack since Governor Scott Walker and the Republicans assumed control of the executive and legislative branches of Wisconsin government in 2011. (Mal Contends)

No jurist contacted said, 'yes.' The Court would lose all credibility.


Today is different than a few years back. The Roggensack-Prosser Jr.-Ziegler-Gableman bloc is corrupt and the rule of law is gone.

There should be no public confidence in the administration of justice from the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Even Wisconsin's Legislative Reference Bureau is partisan now as a reading of Wisconsin's Constitution, Article III, Section 1's new language demonstrates.

The Republican Party's ideal of representative democracy is a One-Party state with unrecognized individual rights and unrealized protections for vulnerable members of society, it's called fascism and should be so stated.

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