Jul 13, 2015

Remember Scott Walker's Todd Akin Moment

The Iowa Republican presidential caucuses are custom-made for Scott Walker, and Rick Santorum (2012 winner) and Mike Huckabee (2008 winner).

America is not.

Consider Scott Walker's Todd Akin moment in which the rabidly anti-choice governor claimed to speak for women, saying in part: "it's the initial months [of pregnancy] where they are concerned ... ."

So much for the ludicrous assertion that Walker is a small-government conservative.

Here's ten other things the nation needs to know about Scott Walker: See Analiese Eicher at One Wisconsin Now. See as well: Walker's 10 Biggest Whoppers (Lueders, The Progressive)

Scott Walker lies. It's debatable whether Walker's trait is pathological, it is not debatable that's Walker lying is destructive.

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