Jun 25, 2015

Scott Walker Merges Science and Unpopular DNR Enforcement Divisions in DNR Website

Under the Scott Walker administration the Department of Natural Resources has conflated the unpopular Enforcement Division with the Science Bureau in the Department's website.

This is a move in the Walker administration to use state websites to further the special interest agenda of Walker's donors such as billionaire John Menard Jr. ,and a PR initiative to take an unpopular (yet small) part of the DNR and associate it with science and law—protecting water, land and air, per the Wisconsin Constitution's Public Trust Doctrine.

In Wisconsin the face of the DNR is for many citizens the law enforcement division, politically unpopular and associated with monetary fines for violations of fishing and hunting regulations.

Walker's merging the DNR's Enforcement and Science Division is justified in part, the website reads, because "The methods the DNR uses to manage wildlife and handle other environmental issues is built upon the research completed by this bureau."

This is a political move with partisan objectives, using public state websites for Walker's political gain.

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