Jun 12, 2015

New Generation Moves Forward, Horrifying the Hateful

The wonder of June is the new generations growing ever so fast, in which we see hope, fascination and pure joy.

A niece is moving onto High School, already a critical thinker and natural lover of life.

When sent the shots of the young moving forward with their lives: Accepting, loving, so excited to look around and see people as friends and fellows, not enemies to divide and conquer, not ever, hope does spring eternal.

Congrats, young Tori and all your friends, live your lives:

Necessary to quote Russell: "Those whose lives are fruitful to themselves, to their friends, or to the world are inspired by hope and sustained by joy: they see in imagination the things that might be and the way in which they are to be brought into existence. In their private relations they are not preoccupied with anxiety lest they should lose such affection and respect as they receive: they are engaged in giving affection and respect freely, and the reward comes of itself without their seeking. In their work they are not haunted by jealousy of competitors, but concerned with the actual matter that has to be done. In politics, they do not spend time and passion defending unjust privileges of their class or nation, but they aim at making the world as a whole happier, less cruel, less full of conflict between rival greeds, and more full of human beings whose growth has not been dwarfed and stunted by oppression."
- Bertrand Russell
Proposed Roads To Freedom
(1918, Cornwall Press, Inc, Cornwall NY)

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