Jun 3, 2015

Lobbying Firm Wants Total Control of Wisconsin Dem Party for Profit

Want to know why the once prominent and progressive Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) keeps getting waxed?

Scott Walker and Republicans are only part of the reason. The DPW has also abandoned public service and grassroots party building because lobbyists and flunkies looking for a quick buck are running the Party.

And, as anyone living in Wisconsin since 2010 knows, this bunch knows virtually nothing about running campaigns, throwing away race after race.

Chris 'Capper' Liebenthal‎ at the Wisconsin Urban and Rural Progressive Coalition notes the effort of the for-profit lobbying firm, Nation Consulting [which does work for Republicans], to transform the Wisconsin Democratic Party into less than it is now.

Nation Consulting is based in Milwaukee and one of its senior associates, Jason Rae, is running for Chair of the Democratic Party this coming weekend at the convention sited in Milwaukee, per Rae and Nation Consulting's ally, outgoing Wisconsin Dem Party Chair Mike Tate.

Nation Consulting has already effectively taken control of the Milwaukee County Dems. Milwaukee County Democratic Party members have let the word out that under Jason Rae/Nation Consulting's machinations, the Chair of the Milwaukee County Democratic Party is choosing their delegates to the state convention based on how much they support Jason Rae for Chair.

Writes Liebenthal‎:
Nation Consulting's Andy Suchorski was elected Corresponding Secretary at [the] Nov. 27, 2013 meeting of the Milwaukee County Dems. Notice he still does not have a Bio under his name like the other [officers]. That's because he is an employee of Nation Consulting [a supporter of Republicans]. These guys are clearly scheming to control the Wisconsin Dems. Also, notice in Nation Consulting bio link, Andy Suchorski bio does not mention he is secretary for Milwaukee County Dems. Clearly an attempt to hide his ties to Nation Consulting. 
There are several good candidates challenging Tate's handpicked Jason Rae from Nation Consulting, but unless two of the candidates get together, the rigged election appears already over to some observers.

Others tell me Joe Wineke has enough support statewide in rural Wisconsin to spring a surprise.

We'll see this Saturday. In the meantime, Scott Walker isn't breaking into a sweat worrying about the Democratic Party of Wisconsin getting its act together.

Well, maybe the feckless former Dem spokesperson Graeme Zielinski will pray for the Dems to throw itself to the higher power, fake Democrat Milwaukee County Exec Chris Abele.


  1. "Others tell me Joe Wineke has enough support statewide in rural Wisconsin to spring a surprise."

    That would be a real surprise. Wineke has tried to sell himself as an "establishment" candidate. With Dane and Milwaukee counties both throwing their lot in with Rae, where is his constituency?

    People who've been with the party a while are telling newer members that he didn't treat rural Wisconsin well his last run at chair.

    1. Bob,

      Your assessment of Joe is belied by the victories achieved in rural Wisconsin under Joe's tenure as Chair (05-09)—when Democrats won majorities in both the state Assembly and Senate and a majority of the Wisconsin delegation of the U.S. House of Representatives— and the fact that Joe still resides in Verona, his hometown.

      Establishment? Establishment what?

      In numerous conversations with Joe have I never heard him use that word which you put in quotes. What I have heard is message, bottom-up, grassroots, rural school districts and you can't beat somebody with nobody.

      I am a lifelong resident of Wisconsin and never have I seen what Walker is inflicting onto Wisconsin. Tommy Thompson is a progressive in comparison.

      As a 30-plus year resident of Dane County, I don't know one person who supports Jason Rae.

      Check your facts.

    2. Hey MAL,
      Sorry if I sounded argumentative. I’m not trying to pick a fight. I'm completely with you on your assessment of Nation and Rae. We just have different perspectives on Wineke's chances. I personally think that Wineke is infinitely better than Rae.

      Since neither of us has talked with each of the ~2100 delegates, the only facts we'll know will come out after the vote count is in.

      You're a long-time resident of Dane County, I am a long-time resident outstate. From my perch in one piece of outstate, I see little support for Wineke, and less than zero for Rae. Where I am, it’s mainly Laning & Jeff Smith, although Jeff may have blown up his chances last week.

      You mention that you don't know one person in Dane County that supports Rae. That's reassuring to me. But there's at least one person in Dane County who supports Jason Rae - Michael Basford, the Dane County Dem Chair. Perhaps Basford does not represent (nor have influence with) the DPW delegates from Dane County? http://www.jasonrae.com/basfordendorsement
      And you’ve probably heard, as I have, that the Milwaukee County party allegedly screened their delegates by whether or not you supported Rae.

      I mention that Wineke is trying to sell himself as an establishment candidate because of his emphasis on his past experience in (and in control of) the party. I too have had conversations with Joe, and while he hasn't used the word "establishment", I think it fits with his message. Perhaps “experienced” would be a better term.

      I do think the current establishment would rather see Rae in, and that’s Wineke’s problem – he and Rae are competing for a very similar demographic, and in a single-ballot plurality race that's a problem. My opinion only, YMMV.

      I see major splits within the DPW and the chair candidates - urban vs. outstate, and establishment vs. reform. Within that last group are those who joined the party in 2011, who have not felt particularly welcomed by the party establishment. How all of that breaks down in the chair vote remains to be seen.

      And don’t get me started on Tate’s threats to quash any movement to change the voting rules. If the voting rules required a majority, I think it would be between Wineke vs. Laning, because I don’t see how Rae could get a majority.