Jun 11, 2015

Don't Look Back, Saying 'We Should Have Done Something'

Big Ag - The Report from the Dairy State

In Wisconsin under Scott Walker's reign, the range of issues applicable to this headline is wide.

Don Ystad of Nekoosa in northern Adams county is referring to the proposed massive Wysocki Golden Sands, industrialized diary, the CAFO factory model.

Writes Ystad:

As many are reporting, the practice of confining many thousands of cows in a CAFO and then spreading the millions of gallons of manure is ruining our ground and surface water.  In Kewaunee County, with its 16 dairy CAFOs, one third of private drinking water wells are unusable because of manure runoff  from the CAFOs. These are not people attacking family farmers, they are citizens reporting on the resulting environmental damage that occurs from these industrial farms. Here in Rome and Saratoga, we are a population-dense recreational/residential area facing the same kind of issues if the Golden Sands Dairy CAFO is approved by the very same DNR under question.  If you are not actively alarmed over this possibility, you ought to be. Don't be one of 'those people' saying afterwards, 'why didn't someone do something?'

See this report for the crisis ignored, and abetted by Scott Walker and his band of polluters: A Report by Socially Responsible Agricultural Project in Partnership with Family Farm Defenders and Kewaunee Citizens Advocating Responsible Environmental Stewardship.

Writes Kimberlee Wright, J.D., Executive Director of the Midwest Environmental Advocates, Inc.:


The industrialization and corporate consolidation of dairy production has exploded nationwide over the last few decades, driving many small family dairy operations out of business. The total number of U.S. farms with dairy cows fell 88 percent between 1970 and 2006, while the number of dairy operations with more than 2,000 cows grew 104.6 percent between 2000 and 2006 (MacDonald, et al., 2007). In Wisconsin alone, the number of farms with dairy operations has fallen from 150,000 to 10,500 since 1944 (Mueller, 2014)

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