Jun 16, 2015

Dane County Lakes: Three Beaches Closed, Don't Touch the Water

Public Health Madison and Dane County
Warn: Three beaches are closed
for swimming due to toxic blue-green
algae. Pictured above is James Madison
Beach on Lake Mendota
It's mid-June and three popular beaches are closed on Lake Mendota due to toxic blue-green algae created by abundant phosphate pollution from large industrialized farming manure.

Dane County has the most CAFOS or Confined Animal Feeding Operations in Wisconsin, a destructive business model protected by Republicans in the state legislature, and Scott Walker in the executive branch.

Tenney Park beach, Warner Park Beach and James Madison park beach are all closed until further notice.

If Wisconsin's sociopathic governor really believes that CAFO pollution is not a problem—as demonstrated in an April 2015 comprehensive report on the abdication of pollution control to Big Ag—then the next time he is in the governor's mansion located on Lake Mendota, he should jog down to James Madison Park with a glass, fill it up with water from Mendota and drink up.

Blue-Green Algae
The UW Hospital Poison Prevention and Education Center (PPEC) in minutes away from James Madison park.

Perhaps on the way to the hospital for an assertive anti-biotic program, Walker can read up on why the CAFO model is unhealthy and unsustainable.

Begin with John E. Ikerd Professor Emeritus of Agricultural & Applied Economics University of Missouri Columbia College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, and Joshua Yelle of the Western Illinois University Center for the Study of Agriculture, Environment, and Energy. (Mal Contends) Mr. Yelle was kind enough to lend his findings to this site and Dr. Ikerd is about the most kind intellectually generous person one can meet.

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