Jun 1, 2015

DA in Iron County Drops Crazy Charge Against Clean Water Activist

Katie Krow Kloth was targeted by the now defunct Mining
Co., GTAC, and Corrupt Wisconsin DA, Martin Lipske
The capricious charge of preference for a corrupt Wisconsin District Attorney—Felony Bailjumping—was dropped last week against clean water and environmentalist, Katie Krow Kloth in Iron County court in northern Wisconsin.

Before being rebuffed in January by Judge Fox of Price County for an array of contrived charges against Kloth, Lipske instituted the new felony charge of Bail Jumping, a Class H Felony hours before Fox refused a prison term and instead sentenced Kloth to nine months in Iron County jail for actions at a protest against the proposed GTAC mine two years earlier. (Mal Contends)

Reached by phone, Lipske said there is a forbidden area in the forest of Iron County on which Ms. Kloth set foot in January, and this constituted felony bailjumping.

The Bail Jumping charge was without merit, and had Ms. Kloth been convicted of this malicious prosecution, she faced years in prison. The felony charge was dropped.

Instead last week, Lipske on May 27 stipulated at a hearing to a civil infraction, trespassing, under which Kloth will have to pay the Court: $263.50.

Why would Lipske launch this crazy felony charge in the first place?

Lipske is a corrupt, out-of-control District Attorney who should have his license to practice law revoked, again. (Mal Contends) (Mal Contends)

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