May 6, 2015

Wisconsin Dems' Karl Rove Politics—Jason Rae for DPW Chair

How to lose elections without really trying

What's the matter with Wisconsin?

An ineffectual, listless Democratic Party of Wisconsin resembling more a frat house clique than a political Party.

Next month's Democratic Party of Wisconsin Convention on June 5,6 will either spell a rebound for the once-proud Dems or a continuation of Mike Tate's reward-incompetence clique.

The Convention will elect a new Chair with his or her six-figure salary.

Dom Noth has a piece on the let's-keep-Mike Tate crowd and Mike Tate's heir apparent in failure—Jason Rae.

One hopes Dems have enough sense to realize the true dangers of Scott Walker and the imperative to elect a Dem as Chair who knows how to win—Joe Wineke (and a few others who are not Jason Rae).

Rae's clique has for months engaged in sleazy whisper campaigns against Rae's opponents for Chair worthy of Karl Rove.

Writes Noth: "On the negative side, [Rae's] supporters have gone on the attack against opponents in personal and disturbing terms on social media, where the party needs to go to attract new blood to its operations."

It's even worse than Noth might know.

If Wisconsin Democrats elect Jason Rae, progressives in Wisconsin should be ready to bash these idiots on all fronts.

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