May 7, 2015

Smart Gov Investing Creates Jobs

Soon GOP presidential candidates will parrot the nostrum 'government doesn't create jobs.'

Actually, government does create jobs, have a look at right of this column at the daily U.S. Department of Defense Contracts valued at $6.5 million or more.

Call up US Rep Diane Black and Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R–Tennessee) and tell the members that, for example, Tullahoma Industries LLC,* Tullahoma, Tennessee (awarded a maximum $59,389,738 modification contract announced May 6) is going to have its DoD contract nixed because 'government doesn't create jobs.' [*Small business in Historically Underutilized Business Zone]

Black and DesJarlais don't believe this nonsense any more than any other Republican.

Black and DesJarlais just want government money spent on Republicans and the special moneyed interests for whom the GOP fronts, and of course industries bordering their congressional districts.

Throw in the bigotries and outright racism of rural Tennessee and you have today's Republican Party in a nut shell.

But ask Black and DesJarlais and every GOP candidate for president if they want massive infusion of money for infrastructure and schools across the nation, and suddenly the 'government doesn't create jobs' nonsense emits again.

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