May 8, 2015

Scott Walker in over His Head

Gov. Scott Walker has cancelled a planned merger of two economic development agencies after a new audit said Walker's job-creating entity failed to follow statutes or its own policies when making financial awards.

The audit released Friday also says the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. failed to meet all statutory requirements related to program oversight and that staff "did not consistently comply with policies established by WEDC’s own governing board" which is chaired by Walker. (Ivey, The Capital Times)

Waste, fraud, corruption, cronyism and and incompetence.

WEDC calls itself, "Wisconsin’s lead economic development agency, with more than 600 regional and local partners, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) fosters the cooperation necessary to support job creation."

Scott Walker pretends to presidential aspirations, but as his chairmanship of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) makes clear, Walker is not bright enough to handle a state agency much less the presidency of the United States.

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