May 21, 2015

Pardon Don Siegelman Now, What Is Obama Waiting For?

Don Siegelman outside an Atlanta courthouse
in an earlier appeal for a malicious prosecution. 
Image Glynn Wilson
America’s Political Prisoner #1

Karl Rove engineered several ridiculous prosecutions of Gov. Donald Siegelman (D-AL) who had the audacity of being elected governor of Alabama.

Yesterday, the Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit denied Siegelman a new trial for the 2006 conviction of corruption charges, promised by Rove.

Few expect justice from Alabama or the 11th Circuit, but right now President Obama can grant a full pardon with a stroke of a pen.

For more information on this malicious prosecution and wrongful conviction, see Free Don Siegelman, and see the video below.

Obama fails as a president, as a human being, every moment Siegelman sits in federal prison in an incredible 78-month sentence for nothing.

One expects Karl Rove to work as human garbage, who knew Obama would join Rove in this enterprise?

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