May 29, 2015

Make the (Disfavored) Economies Scream

The 9/11, 1973 CIA-engineered coup (killing 1,000s) of Chilean President Salvador Allende rivals the vile attack of our 9/11.

One mentions the date because preceding Allende is the infamous determination of Pres. Richard Nixon to "make the [Chilean] economy scream," after Allende's 1970 election. (Goodman, Democracy Now) (Parry, ConsortiumNews)

Nixon's determination that countries are enemies is hardly unique in American international relations, millions were killed in the Southeast Asia invasions in the decade before the 1973 coup.

Nor is Nixon's decision to injure and brand domestically the popular Civil Rights and Peace Movements as terrorists and enemies unique. (Chomsky, Domestic Terrorism: Notes on the State System of Oppression)

COINTELPRO, McCarthyism, Jim Crow laws, Attorney General Mitchell Palmer's Raids, and the many massacres of pioneering American labor activists, for example, demonstrate the 20th century as often rivaling a third-world dictator in U.S. governmental regard for civil and human rights.

The Supreme Court protected many citizens groups in the 1960s and 70s, though many were terrorized.

See, for example, this opinion of the 1972 Supreme Court case that turned back Nixon and Rehnquist's attempt to unilaterally authorize electronic surveillance in internal security matters without prior judicial approval—United States v. United States District Court (No. 70-153).

Scott Walker

I mention this fleeting history of oppression in light of Scott Walker who has made public his disdain for those who don't vote or support him, and his equally fervent contempt for democracy.

Walker has demonstrated no understanding of the precepts of classical liberalism or social contract theory underpinning modern western democracies, and no will to learn.

Walker regards whole regions of the state as enemy territory, even infamously comparing the 100,000s of families assembling at the state capitol to register opposition to Walker's surprise policy "bomb" dropped by Walker as ISIS, revealing a mindset that ought disqualify this small-minded, incurious little man from any consideration for the presidency.

Said Walker, "We need a leader with that kind of confidence.  If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world." (Strauss, Washington Post)

A governor, and certainly not a president, does not "take on" those citizens who disagree with secretly-made policy by economic royalists feeding dark money into the polity; and disagreeing with civil rights and working family activists does not qualify one as commander-in-chief.

I mention this because decent people should consider what the power of all three branches of government in Wisconsin in GOP hands has brought to Wisconsin: Disaster and lies.

An effort to displace the world-class University System (pursued for years) is but one of many billionaire-ordered, radical injury by policy in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin ought to keep an eye on an apparent strike at the state capital city, proposed by Walker and Republicans in retaliation for voting against Walker. (DeFour, Wisconsin State Journal)

Dane County and Madison lead the state in private sector job creation and this makes Walker look foolish.

Walker is ignorant, and he is dangerous. He ought not try to make Madison and Dane County's economies scream, he should consider learning from these wonderful places that 100,000s call home.

Being a public servant means you serve. It does not mean you harm those with whom you may disagree. This is because in America being a citizen confers onto you the status of powerful rights.

At the least an elected representative begins by protecting these rights, not violating them.

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