Jan 26, 2015

Wisconsin GOP Rising Star Caught in Voter Fraud—Distributing Misinformation

Unable to produce any cases of in-person voter fraud in Wisconsin, the Republican Party of Wisconsin was forced to commit voter fraud, though a different kind.

Chris Liebenthal has the story.

Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander, a rising star among Wisconsin Republicans, willfully informed her constituents that photo voter ID would be needed to vote, knowing fully well that this is not the case in Wisconsin.

Judge Richard Posner of the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit notes this is the voter fraud known as intentional "Misinformation" in his dissent in Ruthelle Frank v. Scott Walker (On Suggestion of Rehearing En Banc, October 20, 2014) (p. 12).

Posner's offers a "nonexhaustive" list of voter fraud, citing Voter Fraud Facts.

One hopes this crime is investigated and criminal charges are filed.

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