Sep 16, 2014

Dream or Nightmare in Central Wisconsin

Glacial Lake Wisconsin -
17,000 years ago
The Central Plain or Golden Sands of Wisconsin is a geological region of some 13,000 square miles of sandstone.

Some 17,000 years ago, the Golden Sands region housed a mammoth ancient lake, the Ancient Glacial Lake Wisconsin.

Today, stunning natural beauty at the site of the Lake makes central Wisconsin a tourism and recreation destination.

The array of natural resources whom the likes of Aldo Leopold and John Muir vowed to protect are threatened today by Big Ag, and the politicians and bureaucrats who do their bidding as Big Ag literally dumps liquid shite into their neighbors' environment.

The Golden Sands region is set to house a world-class golf resort, Sand Valley (Melanie Lawder, Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune) that will be sited along the bottom of Glacial Lake Wisconsin, a can't miss recreational and tourism project.

Golf resort designer Mike Keiser says the project that has recently begun construction, a "lovefest" judged by the reception from residents of central Wisconsin.

Keiser better use protection.

The Wysocki Family of Companies is no lover, it's a Big Ag outfit that does NOT seek permission or a show of hands about what to inflict onto a region, doesn't care about natural resources and even less about Keiser's proposed golf resort as Wysocki moves forward on its own "Golden Sands" project almost touching the Sand Valley site.

Sand at the bottom of this ancient glacial lake will make for the innovative design of world-class courses, but sand is susceptible to carrying toxins down to the groundwater, and the problems presented by runoff of liquid cow manure from a proposed Concentrated Agricultural Feeding Operation (CAFO) could easily kill this project just as CAFOs are creating Dead Zones in Wisconsin lakes.

The last thing golfers enjoying themselves need to consider are the soil properties of Plainfield Sand, nitrate and E-coli levels.

Bet you Tiger Woods never worries about the stench and health effects of particulate contamination and inhaling ammonia.

This is because no public official in her right mind sites a CAFO next to a golf resort.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources under Scott Walker does, and the degradation of tourism, recreation and natural resources is just another act of corruption as Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans take in a big haul from Big Ag.

"WE DO NOT WANT KEISER TO RETHINK HIS PROJECT!" writes a Town of Rome resident working to stop the proposed Wysocki Golden Sands CAFO that would comprise 7,838 total acres, according to the DNR.

In fact, Mike Keiser's project is presented as exactly the development a region dependent on recreational and development wants, pro-water advocates say, just as CAFOs are precisely the water-polluting, water aquifer-sucking corporate actor the region does not want or need.

Wysocki doesn't care about ancient glacial lakes, dream golf resorts and the legacy of men like Aldo Leopold and John Muir.

Wysocki already has a massive CAFO, the Central Sands Dairy, in the Town of Armenia in Juneau County within miles of the Sand Valley resort and the results have been tragic. ["It was an ammonia smell. It hurt so bad even to breathe. ... Critics also question the ability of the DNR, relying mostly on citizen complaints and self-reporting by the huge dairies, to adequately regulate a practice that has already been shown to pollute waters and drive people from their homes," notes Ron Seely]

Water samples taken around the Central Sands Dairy reveal "(e)vidence ... of substantial contamination in both ground and surface waters." (Kenneth S. Wade Report)

In the shot below taken in a private airplane, the beginning of construction of the Sand Valley Resort is seen in the center-right, with Lake Petenwell/Wisconsin River in the background, a body of water described by one resident as "stench is putrid" due to runoff.

We should be doing everything to attract projects like Mike Keiser's golf resort, and everything to protect our state from Big Ag.

Instead, Scott Walker and the Republicans like Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) are selling us out for political expedience.

Construction just begun at the Sand Valley Resort at center-right
Shot is taken from a plane at 2,000 feet by Adams County residents
worried that Sand Valley and their homes and lakes are threatened
by an environmental predator: The Wysocki Family

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