Aug 21, 2014

Rep Scott Krug Told Pro-Water Activist: "Quit Your Bitching," Citizen Don Ystad Didn't Get Krug's Order

Scott Krug's con game: Not working
Krug likes to portray himself as an
environmentalist. Fact:
Krug's Sierra Club -
John Muir Chapter Rating
a dismal Eight Percent
"Quit your Bitching," said Rep Scott Krug (R-Wisconsin Rapids and ALEC) to Saratoga resident, Nancy Koch of Protect Wood County and Its Neighbors.

Nancy Koch of the Town of Saratoga was listening to Terry Rickaby (Saratoga Board Chair) and Big Ag's James Wysocki two summers ago.

Wysocki and his company officials did a PR gig on July 19, 2012 at a special Saratoga Town Board meeting drawing 100s of people so the meeting was held at the Wisconsin Rapids Performing Arts Center.

Wysocki's song and dance included how wonderful the Wysocki's Concentrated Agricultural Feeding Operation (CAFO) is going to be, and that area residents will like it.

Wysocki left out of his presentation that residents' preference is not relevant to his corporate plans.

Koch remarked how the Dairy Business Association (DBA) and Wysocki were trying to shove a proposed massive Concentrated Agricultural Feeding Operation (CAFO) down the throats of residents [in Wood, Adams, Portage and Juneau counties], and that the DBA and Wysocki co-authored the Wisconsin Livestock Siting Law (and the administrative law implementing it) that helps CAFOs site their operations against the objection of local communities.

"Quit your bitching," said Scott Krug to Koch at the Town Hall Meeting. Other attendees confirm the remark

Koch first mentioned this incident to me July 5, 2014 at a breakfast in Wisconsin Rapids at a restaurant on 8th Street, attended by members of Protect Wood County and Rome and Saratoga Friendly.

Emailed Koch yesterday, "Early on in this fight when I contacted Scott Krug at his Republican e-mail address I asked for his help with this CAFO issue. In the e-mail, I reminded him who I was ---- that I was the one he told to 'Quit your bitching' at the Wysocki presentation at the Performing Arts Center in Wi Rapids. I never got a response to the e-mail or an apology."

Approximately 50 million gallons of liquid cow manure would be produced every year, and "forty-nine high capacity wells would be capable of pumping 7.3 billion gallons of water from the groundwater aquifer annually" would be drained by this one proposed CAFO.

Wysocki, the DBA, Scott Walker and Rep. Scott Krug want this CAFO and will not let residents stand in the way of Wysocki's plan for the residents' community. Wysocki company officials live far and safely away from their cow manure dumping grounds.
Special delivery of liquid cow manure to Wisconsin streams and lakes -
Courtesy of Scott Krug, Scott Walker and the Dairy Business Associations
As for Scott Krug's statement that he is filing a libel suit against me for writing that Krug is a cynical, corrupt politician ... providing political cover for polluters and Krug is assisting Scott Walker, Walker's DNR and the Dairy Business Association in their project in which one objective is to contaminate and literally toxify Wisconsin lakes and other waters; well, Krug has now gone dark, apparently convinced by attorneys that truth is an effective defense against libel suits.

Fortunately for Wisconsin, Rome citizens Donald Ystad has not gone dark.

Here is Ystad's latest communication to Wisconsin policymakers referencing a CAFO in Kewaunee County:

Here's a question for politicians and agency people copied here: What can be done to make the water drinkable again for the residents of Kewaunee County? Really, can anything be done? 
Selfishly, as my community faces the spector of a possible 8,000 acre dairy CAFO  directly within our existing recreational community, what assurance will we have that our drinking water won't also be tainted, that our lakes and streams won't be decimated by withdrawals from high cap wells with more capacity than all the municipal wells in Waukesha County, that our air quality won't be reduced to the point that visitors begin staying away from the Wisconsin Trapshooters home facility. Our lakes, our existing Arrowhead Golf Courses, or the new Sand Valley Golf Resort?  What happens to our already suffering property values?  Are you aware there are nearly 1,500 private drinking water wells within a three mile perimeter of the proposed high cap wells?  Are we going to be asking the same questions about our community in 5 years?

I fall back on the Public Trust Doctrine which states that these are waters of the state. When I see comments that DATCP and DNR officials said nutrient management plans are designed to minimize, not completely eliminate, pollution, I cringe,  Why shouldn't I and and every resident of this state expect clean water, whether in groundwater, surface water, or in farm runoff?  At a time when the news is full of stories with drinking water sources tainted, area beaches closed and communities where over 30% of private wells are polluted, don't you think we are facing a crisis with our water?
When scientists tell us that ag pollution accounts for 75% or more of the pollution in our water, I ask what is being done to minimize it?  Our community requires septic system inspections every 3 years, has banned residential use of phosphorous fertilizers and is rolling out a Shoreland Protection Ordinance to protect our water.  My family has a long history of dairy farming in Wisconsin, but for me, the DBA (Dairy Business Association) has become the face of the enemy,  I'm tired of their fighting every attempt to bring a solution to our water issues, pointing blame at everyone but themselves, and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbying in Madison to weaken environmental laws and gain favor of politicians.  It's time for a change in approach to protecting the waters of the state, before all our drinking water is fouled.
I'm sure you are all as tired of hearing from people like me, as I am writing e-mails like this.  In truth, I could find concerns about our water issues in a newspaper every day.  It's as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.  The hard part is getting through to you and overcoming the million dollars spent annually by the ag community lobbying to weaken controls over our water.  Fortunately, the groundswell of public concern continues to grow.

I'm a concerned citizen and I vote, as do the hundreds blind copied here.

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