Apr 1, 2014

The Front Line in Iron County, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is under siege by billionaires, the Koch brothers and Christopher Cline.

The feds are coming to help restore the rule of law against Scott Walker.

In the mean time, resistance remains strong in far northern Wisconsin.

By William Brown, Citizen Concerned about the proposed Penokee Mine

Great view of the final touches going on the new wigwam at HELP Village. [HELP is an acronym for the Harvest Educational Learning Project, alerting the press, and anyone interested in the repercussions of the proposed GTac iron ore mine in Ashland and Iron counties, specifically the predictable poisoning of the environment, including the water and habitats of Native-American treaty-protected species.]

A great deal of love and respect for the people managing this movement on a daily basis. A great honor to be involved and welcomed to help build.

 Do what you can to support these people out there. ... They are the front line!

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