Aug 26, 2013

Repulsive in Madison; Cops Assualt Black Men at Capitol

We cannot count on the forbearance of the partisan, politicized police, nor the Republican DoJ, nor any word of consistent challenge and opposition from Democratic Party aides and representatives as Damon Terrell was attacked today by a gang of thugs

As James Rowen urges, it is time to contact the feds, U.S. Dept of Justice, Civil Rights Division and the US Attorney for the Western District of Wisconsin.The feds will listen,. and from outside it easy to not see what is happening to citizens systemically being attacked by Republican thugs in uniform.

You certainly are not seeing videos made by legislative aides belonging to the Democratic Party. The Dems give a green light to the cops.
United States Attorney's Office
Western District of Wisconsin
660 West Washington Ave,
Suite 303
Madison, WI 53703
From Noice of Rain—Scott Walker's palace guards are obviously getting frustrated, as the press is breaking less and less in their favor. Generally speaking, folks don't think that people should get arrested, handcuffed, dragged down the hallway, processed and fined or jailed merely for singing historical protest songs.
Former WI #AFL-CIO head David Newby was arrested today.
Instead of dialing their aggression back a little, the police went whole hog today, taking down two young African American singers, and dealing with one of them with a vehemence and force that can only be described as excessive.

Videos by Rebecca Kimble. Sick:

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