Aug 17, 2013

Marty Beil Calls for First Amendment and Union Support of Solidarity Sing Along

The Progressive's Matt Rothschild
Arrested for practicing journalism
Scott Walker's project to impose intimidation and fear—a dangerous political engineering project

Calls sound for workers to support First Amendment against Scott Walker's crackdown on the Constitution

Judith Davidoff reports, Labor leader Marty Beil speaks on the Wisconsin Solidarity Sing Along: "Over the last three weeks the Capitol Police have arrested over 200 singers... but the noon-hour protest continues. These brave women and men sing songs of solidarity and collective action. Songs of unions and protest. They have become part of our history. They have assembled every day since March of 2011. It's time for union members and leaders, public and private sector, to join in and vocally and visibly speak out. It's time for union shirts and union songs."

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