Aug 18, 2013

Are Iron County Lipske-Madden Team Railroading Another Man —Robert Gollubske

Gogebic Iron Range in Green
Update: A request for a new judge has been granted for Robert Gollubske. Patrick Madden is known locally as a pro-mining judge, and is notorious as the corrupt jurist who presided over the 1997 trial and 2012 hearing of Donald Miller, having an affair with the alleged victim, Miller's live-in girlfriend whom Miller had asked to leave his home, before, during and after the 1997 trial. Gollubske has also retained the services of renown civil rights attorney, Jeff Scott Olson, in addition to Peter Bear of Madison.

Robert Gollubske, a farmer in the Town of Kimball, Wisconsin in Iron County, is right about at least one thing, the government of Iron County doesn't like him.

Specifically, Iron County Judge Patrick J. Madden and Iron County DA Martin Lipske don't like him because Gollubske is warning about the dangers of the proposed Gogebic Taconite Mine, blasting and dynamiting and ruining an environment.

Gollubske did not endear himself to Madden (aka Madman) and Lipske at the DNR Public Hearing on G-Tac Bulk Sampling and pre-Application Notice held August 15th at Hurley, Wisconsin.

Gollubske spoke against Mathy Construction company and the Northwoods Paving company that he blames for damaging his farm and home by their use of dynamite in the area.

He says the same type of damage he attributes to Mathy will be wrought by Gogebic.

In 2009, Gollubske sued Mathy Construction Company of Onalaska, Wisconsin and Northwoods Paving Co. (a division of Mathy Construction) of Ashland for damage to his home and farm, fearing his family is getting poisoned. He said this shows the dangers of explosions used in mining.

Penokee Range
Lipske wants to prosecute the 75-year-old man arrested in May for saying he wanted to blow up the courthouse to get FBI agents to his farm property to show them what he says are damages caused by Mathy Construction dynamiting for blacktop road-building.

Judge Patrick Madden said, "The (threatening) words are out there and in people’s minds." He said the public doesn’t feel safe and the case has caused "a public furor."

Typical Madden, typical BS.

The only people who don't feel safe are those who fear the mining company blowing open a huge open pit mine in the Penokee Range, and the heavily armed corporate militia operating illegally at test drilling sites for whom both Lipske and Madden front.

Robert (Barrel Bob) Gollubske is just a townie, a nice 75-year-old man about to find out how what pricks Madden and Lipske are.

Gollubske has expressed his fear about the Gogebic Taconite Mine around town, and Lipske and Madden think they have found a way to shut him up.

Gollubske's friends in the community a few weeks before he was arrested said he is a just a harmless, gentle farmer who is upset about developers and now the proposed Gogebic Taconite Mine destroying the Penokee Range.

Gogegic has secured the mineral rights for a "22-mile, 22,000-acre stretch of the Penokee Range from southwest of Hurley to about six miles west of Mellen," notes The Nature Conservancy.

Said one neighbor, "He (Gollubske) was really angry with the blacktop company and he claims they and the Iron County cops blew up his barns. When I looked in the news archive there was two articles about Kimball residents complaining of big explosions shuddering their houses. And ya know what the cops tried to tell the paper? We had reports some kids were shooting a cannon off. Cops said they told the kids to knock it off. I'm not kidding. Imagine cops going to a house full of kids that had a cannon big enough to fire something off to shudder houses for a few miles around and just telling them to knock it off?!"

No wonder Gollubske wants to call in the FBI.

Gollubske is just a farmer who has seen too many explosions near his home and he thinks Gogegic blowing open the proposed open pit mine is nothing but trouble; he wanted to call in the FBI for help because he doesn't trust the local police.

Gollubske' instincts are right.

Iron County Judge Patrick J. Madden and Iron County DA Martin Lipske are not known for being impartial, and certainly not prosecutorial discretion. What they are known for is being corrupt. And the local police just follow along, no questions.

Here's video of Robert (Barrel Bob) Gollubske at the DNR Public Hearing on August 15th held in Hurley.

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