Jul 17, 2013

Iron County DA Has History of Professional Misconduct, Suspension of License for Discipline

Iron County District Attorney Martin Lipske's
law license was suspended for two years in 1990.
Lipske's  license was suspended four times
between 1985 and 1990 as well
Updated - Steven Verburg and the editors of the Wisconsin State Journal either have not vetted Iron County DA Martin Lipske as a credible source or do not care about Lipske's shady history of practicing law in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin corporate press is playing stenographer to Iron County DA Martin Lipske as Lipske makes pro-mining political statements to the press and threatens to throw the book at a mining protester as he publicly muses about prosecutions of several other Gogebic Taconite mining protesters prior to any criminal complaint or the inception of any law enforcement investigation, the latest careless move in a reckless history of Lipske's, confirmed by the State Bar of Wisconsin this morning.

To this point, the Wisconsin press has failed to report the numerous instances of professional misconduct in Lipske's legal career, treating Lipske's overheated characterization of mining protesters as credible, despite Lipske's slipshod history as an attorney in Wisconsin, as referenced by the State Bar of Wisconsin's history of Lipske's license to practice obtained this morning from the Bar in an e-mail after a phone call, and reproduced below.

Lipske as an attorney had his license to practice law suspended for nearly four years in Wisconsin, and is currently barred from practicing law in Minnesota for numerous ethical violations, including a two-year suspension for discipline involving "dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misconduct."

Lipske is getting a free political ride as Lipske takes political shots at mining protesters in the press in his apparent attempt to criminalize opposition to the proposed, massive Iron mine in northern Wisconsin.

Steven Verburg of the Wisconsin State Journal offers editorial support for the Gogebic Taconite mining interests and its allies like Lipske in his news piece today.

Writes Verburg this morning: "The details on the [alleged criminal] incident help explain why the Gogebic Taconite mining company hired heavily armed security guards from Arizona who wore camouflage and masks, Lipske said."

Is that what Lipske said?

Verburg either has not vetted Lipske as a credible source, or does not care about Lipske's shady history of practicing law in Wisconsin.

The State Bar of Wisconsin confirmed this morning the almost four-year suspension of Lipske's license to practice law from 1990-1994, after a quick phone call.

Iron county in northern Wisconsin has a population of 6,861 people.

Lipske's suspension to practice law was lifted in 1994.

Lipske was "Suspended for Discipline" for two years under the category of "dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misconduct" in 1990, it was reported in the Ironwood Daily Globe (Ralph Ansami), after consultations with the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation.

The State Bar will not provide specifics per its policy, but a press account from the Ironwood Daily Globe (Ansami. September 6, 1994) when Lipske ran for Iron County DA, reads:

Lipske was also sanctioned for failing to provide competent representation, and for neglect of several legal matters.

[Lipske] was suspended from practicing law in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Additionally, Lipske had his license to practice law in Wisconsin suspended four times for administrative delinquencies between 1985 to 1988.

Specifically, Lipske was suspended three times for failure to pay dues, and once for failing to obtain a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) requirement in 1985.

The history of Lipske's license to practice is reproduced below.

All of Lipske's suspensions to practice law in Wisconsin have been lifted since 1994.

Currently, Lipske is a member of the State Bar of Wisconsin in good standing.

Further information can also be obtained through the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation.

Iron County DA Martin Lipske License Status (State Bar of Wisconsin)
Atty. Martin Lipske License Status’

10/31/1985 Suspended for CLE (Education requirements)
11/1/1985 Suspended for Dues and CLE
11/7/1985 Suspended for Dues (CLE Lifted)
11/11/1985 Good Standing (All suspensions lifted)
11/3/1986 Suspended for Dues
11/12/1986 Good Standing (All suspensions lifted)
5/11/1988 Suspended for CLE
07/05/1988 Good Standing (All suspensions lifted)
7/1/1990 Suspended for Discipline [emphasis added]
1/19/1994 Good Standing (All suspensions lifted)


  1. It gets worse....Look into the wrongful conviction of Don Miller. D.A Martin Lipske destroyed critical evidence, solicited false testimony and played a key roll in the wrongful conviction of Donald R. Miller in 1997. There are thousands of people following this case. We have been researching Martin Lipske for several years. His two year suspension in 1990 was extended to four years due to an insurance fraud case. The crimes he committed would have led to prosecution had he NOT been an attorney. His Minn license suspension was in part due to causing a man in Minnesota to lose his opportunity for post conviction relief after a murder conviction. There were several clients in Superior who paid a retainer but received no services from Mr. Lipske. He was suspended in part for not returning the retainer funds. For anyone else, that would be contractor fraud or theft in a business setting.

    There are three websites with information regarding the Don Miller case...


    The Facebook page is facebook.com/freedonmiller
    Twitter...@freedonmiller @iamdonmiller

    The media page at the anatomyofa....site has over two years of archived "Free Don Miller" shows available for download.

    There is more information that we do not publish, but the deeper you go, the worse it gets.

    Please feel free to email me at makinggrace@yahoo.com

    We fought to get him un-elected, and fell short by a few VERY SUSPICIOUS votes.

    We intend to lead a recall as soon as he becomes eligible (1 year after taking office)

    Don Miller was given a 42 year sentence for crimes that NEVER OCCURRED. He has already served over 16 years. Martin Lipske say's he would like to see Don Miller out of prison. If this were true, he would admit his misconduct, take the appropriate steps for a new trial or exoneration and then resign.

    we're still waiting.