May 6, 2013

What Will Scott Walker Do to Wisconsin Next

Dismal news update from Wisconsin:  The Republicans are proceeding full-speed ahead on their number one mission:  Keeping power.

Despite the broken promise of massive job creation (anyone sentient knew Walker's 2010 250,000 new jobs pledge was dishonest), the Wisconsin GOP has a host of new election bills designed to keep connected to moneyed interests funding GOP campaigns, further destroy local community control, and make Scott Walker appear to be presidential material.

The Wisconsin Democratic Party remains an ineffectual voice of opposition, a fact that Republicans appreciate; and to be candid, this situation looks not to change any time soon.

There doesn't seem to be experienced contenders on the horizon to challenge Walker, Johnson, or any number of other Republican incumbents. Rumor has it that Russ Feingold will challenge Ron Johnson to take back his Senate seat -- and that is good news indeed.

Unless Wisconsin Democrats suddenly morph into a compelling unified voice of and for the people, not much to report from Wisconsin beyond the slow-motion death of good government, public education. community control, and the environment.

Consequently, soon tourism will begin to fall, and Minnesota (the home of bat-shit crazy Michele Bachmann) will become the go-to place for affordable, quick get-aways for Midwestern families.
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