Apr 4, 2013

Scott Walker's disdain for democracy on display

Scott Walker says he may not fill Dane County vacancies for judges because his appoitments lose elections.

Walker's Logic

Walker said his judicial appointments in Dane County, after being vetted by voters, were defeated in the electoral arena, so it follows that Walker should not make any appointments, no matter the negative consequences to the judicial branch and the public.

After the second of Walker's preferred judicial candidates lost an election for "political" reasons—two Walker appointments for Dane County judge were defeated the last two years—Walker said in the future it "probably doesn't make a lot of sense to go through that appointment process," and he should leave judicial vacancies unfilled.

Yes, Scott Walker, voters do make political decisions in elections. Seriously, you don't know that? It's called democracy.

One wonders if it ever occurs to Scott Walker that voters are served by the democratic process in a representative democracy?

Write Mary Spicuzza and Ed Treleven:

Walker told reporters it was "unfortunate" that Dane County Circuit Judge Rebecca St. John lost Tuesday's election. She was defeated by attorney Rhonda Lanford, who used the Walker connection (and St. John's own words) to attack St. John during the campaign.

"The mayor, the (district attorney) and others said that St. John was a great candidate," Walker said. "Unfortunately I think that politics has trumped that."
Why is this "unfortunate"?

Since when is the democratic process an unfortunate event?

Walker has no conception, apparently, that voters elect representatives. This is not hyperbole.

It's clear Walker hates the idea that many Wisconsin citizens reject him and often see anyone associated with him in a negative light.

But it does not even occur to Walker that voters expressing their will in a democracy is fundamental to representative government.

That's why Walker and the Republicans feel no sense of shame in their voter obstruction efforts. They simply do not believe in democracy.

Walker's response to his appointed judge losing is that of a petulant, narcissistic child in the governor's mansion with no regard for the voters, the judiciary and the democratic process.

Write Spicuzza and Treleven:

Dane County Circuit Judge William Foust, who is the chief judge for the fifth judicial administrative district, said a decision not to fill judicial vacancies may be a disservice to those whose cases are assigned to vacant branches. Cases could languish because other judges are too busy to take up the load.

"The other 16 judges are not sitting around twiddling their thumbs," Foust said 
Just another display of Walker's hatred of democracy.

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