Apr 19, 2013

Oklahoma GOP Majority Leader Says Customers "Jew Down the Price" of Products

Rep Dennis Johnson (R-Oklahoma City)
Just Another Republican Bigot
Oklahoma Rep Dennis Johnson (R-Oklahoma City) is just another Republican—bigoted and repulsive.

Jonathan Turley has the story:
Oklahoma State and Republican Majority Leader Dennis Johnson took to the floor this week to share his experience as a small business man and discussed how some people will try to 'Jew down the price' of goods. In the background, legislators are seen laughing but there are clearly some who object because Johnson then adds 'I apologize to the Jews. Their (sic) good small businessmen as well.'
Johnson's biographical information is absent from his website.

Wonder if Johnson's bio info has been scrubbed.

Check out the other Oklahoma House members and their websites are full of biographical info, as most any elected official has on their webpages.

Turley notes in Johnson's campaign "Johnson proclaims that 'as a successful husband, father, businessman, civic leader and church leader, Dennis (Johnson) has brought and will continue to bring integrity and common sense to the House of Representatives.'

Wonder what church that is.

His religion is listed as "Baptist" by the religious group, Kentucky Council of Churches.

Johnson "serves as the Music Director at Unity Missionary Baptist Church in Duncan (OK) [Facebook] and as a member of the local gospel singing group, Unity," according to the Vote OK's bio of Johnson.

Johnson endorsed Rick Santorum in the 2012 race for GOP nominee for the presidency.

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