Apr 21, 2013

For Wisconsin Gov in 2014, We Need Gwen Moore or Russ Feingold

Talk around the camp fire is about whom Wisconsin voters should put up against Scott Walker-Christopher Cline and the Koch Brothers, should Walker decide he has sufficiently decimated our state and escaped criminal charges.

Scott Walker running for president is not going to happen.

As for governor, some are suggesting Rep. Ron Kind (D-La Crosse, Wisconsin).

My two cents: Ron Kind just will not cut it for Wisconsin; for the same reasons that you don't widen an ice fishing hole, jump in and go for a swim. You just don't do it.

We need Gwen Moore or Russ Feingold. And we need one of them to declare fast.

Don't wait until after August.


  1. Not sure I get the analogy, but if Kind wants to be governor, it's his to lose. And he'll win IF he denounces the NRA and Chained CPI (not a sure thing, but very possible). He's the kind of candidate that can speak to rural issues, and is very strong on Medicaid and education- two of the three biggest programs in state politics (other being prisons).

    Plus it will open WI-3 to get a real progessive in there like Vinehout or Lassa, so win-win there.

    Russ is going to run for Senate in 2016 (and win big), and Gwen Moore has ZERO chance to win statewide.

    1. Jumping into an ice fishing hole results in freezing to death, if you're lucky.

      I don't see Kind as a warm body.

      Would love Russ in '16.

      Many have underestimated Gwen Moore previously.