Mar 29, 2013

Walker Says Wisconsin Citizens Opposing Him Caused Job Losses

Scott Walker blames Wisconsin citizens not following him
as cause of job losses, and Wisconsin's economic downturn
Wisconsin democracy means no questions

"Republican candidate Scott Walker promised Tuesday to create 250,000 new jobs in Wisconsin by the end of his first term if he's elected this fall as governor," notes Kathleen Foody in a piece quoting Scott Walker's oft-repeated campaign promise in 2010. (Wausau Daily Herald, August 25, 2010)

But once elected, Scott Walker planned radical policy changes that he refused to campaign on.

Walker was caught on tape saying, "we dropped the bomb" on an unsuspecting Wisconsin in 2011, causing citizens to protest the secretly crafted attack against the right of public workers to unionize (Act 10), the state take-over of community control, among other radical policy shifts, also not campaigned on.

Now, as Walker's extremist policies have left Wisconsin dropping to 44th in the nation in job creation, Walker says popular opposition to his policies [though Walker's party again controls both houses of the legislature thanks to secretly crafted gerrymandering] caused the drop in job creation.

It was reported in February 2012 that a GOP memo shows "Republican Lawmakers were made to pledge secrecy over (its gerrymandering), (and) Public comments were to be ignored."

Walker surely loves to craft policy in secret, and is disdainful of openly displayed displeasure with Republican policy by Wisconsin citizens.

"Asked Thursday about new numbers showing Wisconsin lagging in job growth, Gov. Scott Walker pointed to the uncertainty he said business owners felt because of the political tumult that rocked Wisconsin early in his term," write Craig Gilbert and Rick Romell in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

This is a line Walker has been repeating for two years now.

If Wisconsin citizens would dispense with open displays of their negative opinion of Scott Walker as a deceitful, corrupt governor; renounce their political opinions; and follow our dear leader; then all would be well in Wisconsin—jobs would spring up across the state, communities would flourish and all would be bliss under Walker's rule.

No uncertainty, just obedient citizens.

Uncertainty, in Scott Walker's view, comes from open discourse and open voicing of grievances against Walker and the GOP.

Maybe that's why Walker still refuses to face the Wisconsin people in public, unscripted listening sessions.

Secrecy by Walker and the Republican Party, and citizens' political obedience to Walker are what is needed to abate uncertainty.

And those 250,000 new jobs Scott Walker promised?

Never mind that. Walker meant only if everyone follows him as he leads his comrades, though Scott Walker is very difficult to find in Wisconsin now-a-days.

But maybe Walker will declare an emergency and start throwing those opposing him into prison, seriously. See Vanegeren and Elbow, The Capital Times, March 19, 2013.

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