Mar 31, 2013

Ed Fallone for Wisconsin Supreme Court

If people turn out and vote, Fallone and the rule of law win.

If not, the corrupt four GOP justices win.

From Fallone for Wisconsin Supreme Court:

All Wisconsin families deserve Equal Access to Justice. We need to level the playing field so that working families have as much access as the special interests.

I am running to ensure that the court is not tilted toward special interests. I would work to change the rules of the Court to make it more transparent by bringing administrative meetings into the open.

I would work to repeal the rule that allows lawyers and parties with a pending case before the Court to give campaign contributions to Justices hearing the case.

We need Justices that have the courage to be independent in the face of political pressure and rule according to the law. I will be that kind of Justice on the Supreme Court.

My Plan for the Supreme Court
  • Work to Change the rules to keep special interest money out of the decisions of the court
  • Keep the Court independent of politics.
  • Work to End the infighting among the Justices

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