Mar 22, 2013

Dumb Ron Johnson: Walmart's Low Wages Help Employees

Dumb Sen. Ron Johnson
Wisconsin's senior U.S. Senator, Ron Johnson has earned the moniker, "dumb Ron Johnson."

And for good reason.

Jud Lounsbury of Uppity Wisconsin has the latest dumb Ron Johnson talk on display.

Take the "Wal-mart effect."

Chinese imports have displaced 100,000s of U.S. jobs, according the Economic Policy Institute.

As Loundsbury points out, "Wal-mart ... drive(s) other employers out of business with their predatory pricing and drives U.S. manufacturing employers out of business by pumping in cheap products from overseas."

But Dumb Ron Johnson in a debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders actually argues for low wages, and thinks U.S. business, employees and the economy benefit from Wal-mart.

"In last week's budget hearing, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders argued that the minimum wage should be raised because the nation's largest private employer-- Wal-mart-- routinely pays such low wages that their average associate is eligible for food stamps, medicaid and other government assistance programs, which in effect, causes taxpayers to subsidize Wal-mart's low wages," points out Lounsbury.

Low wages are good for America, argues Johnson.

And the predatory Wal-mart practices destroying U.S. business and driving down wages is how the "free market" is supposed to operate.

Damn, this guy is dumb.

So, the next time you read, "Made in China" think good for the USA and the free market on display, according to Ron Johnson.

Just don't mention it to a Wal-mart employee.

See also Wal-mart and China: A Joint Venture.

Here's Johnson and Sanders on C-SPAN.

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