Mar 12, 2012

Wisc AG Admits Voter ID Law Will Stop Legal Voters from Voting

Update II: Appellate Court Refuses to Stay Injunction on GOP's Polling Place Photo ID Obstruction

Update: Second judge finds GOP Voter ID unconstitutional. Judges taking the Wisconsin constitution seriously, raising the question: Will the four GOP state Supreme Court justices?

You have to hand out the chutzpah prize to our corrupt Attorney General Van Hollen.

The Wisconsin DoJ is arguing that the first injunction against the state's Voter ID law should be stayed because otherwise the voters will be disfranchised by the law if the injunction is later overturned.

"If, as we hope, the injunction is overturned before the election, those relying on the injunction may be left without an opportunity to obtain their IDs by the date of the election,” Attorney General Van Hollen said.

Does Van Hollen imply he is waiving the GOP argument that voter IDs do not unduly burden legal voters? He does implicitly.

The GOP and Van Hollen make a habit of trying to suppress Wisconsin voters. In 2008, Van Hollen after consulting with the GOP proposed an exact match of voters' names in bureacracies' databases is a prerequisite to voting, a ridiculous argument that was tossed out of court never to see the light of court again.

In any event, no intellectually honest argument exists for the constitutionality of the Voter ID law. But for Republicans, facts, logic, rights and the law are not the point. Their lot is: Toe the Party line and suppress the vote.

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