Mar 19, 2012

Motion by Former Deputy Appears to Implicate Scott Walker in Conspiracy to Violate Milwaukee Employee Residence Law

Scott Walker: Didn't know?
Ernest A. Canning at the BradBlog has put together strands of evidence suggesting that Scott Walker is likely either a target or soon-to-be target of the criminal John Doe investigation.

Defense attorney Frank Gimbel, representing Kelly M. Rindfleisch, made a change of venue motion in February; and a "comparison of Gimbel's motion to the allegations contained in the 51-page criminal complaint [PDF] (the 'Rindfleisch complaint') against her suggests, Gimbel may have implicated Rindfleisch and Walker in a criminal conspiracy to violate the residency requirement for Milwaukee County employment."

I doubt the John Doe attorneys missed this.

An excerpt:

The change of venue motion, placed in the context of the allegations contained in the [Kelly M.] Rindfleish complaint, suggests that extraordinary efforts were made to evade the residency requirement in order to bring a political operative (Rindfleish --- who was also previously tied to the Assembly Republican Caucus Scandal that put several high-ranking state officials in jail several years earlier), into the Milwaukee County Executive Office in order to misuse that position for the political advantage of Walker in his 2010 gubernatorial campaign.

The fact that Walker signed off on both her initial hire and her later promotion strongly suggests that Walker was in on the scheme from day-one. That inference is reinforced by the 'smoking gun' 5/14/10 emails between Walker and Russell and between Rindfleisch and Russell. That series of emails reveals that Rindfleisch pulled the plug on the secret email system just ten minutes after Walker told Russell, in the wake of public exposure of former Milwaukee County employee Darlene Wink's illegal political missives sent during office hours: 'We cannot afford another story like this one…That means no laptops, no websites, no time away during the day, etc.'

All-in-all, these points seem to back up our contention from last week, in the wake of the establishment of his new Legal Defense Fund, that Scott Walker may be now be a target of prosecutors in the long-running 'John Doe' investigation which has already led to the indictments of four of his former top deputies.

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