Mar 20, 2012

Former Walker Aide Pleads Not Guilty to Felony Charges

Kelly Rindfleisch - apprehended

Update: Schultze. MJS: "None of the county executive office jobs is intended to be political, but [Kelly] Rindfleisch treated her job that way, according to prosecutors. She is accused of doing extensive campaign work, including fundraising on behalf of Republican lieutenant governor candidate Brett Davis, while at her county post. Her criminal complaint says she also had frequent phone contact with Walker's campaign staff while on the county job."

WISN reports, "A former aide [Kelly M. Rindfleisch] to Scott Walker before Walker became governor has pleaded not guilty to four felony charges related to campaigning (for Walker) while at work for Milwaukee County," a mere 25 feet from Scott Walker.

Sure not guilty, Kelly, we believe you.

Few questions, though:

What is it with those Scott Walker e-mails on the secret e-mail network?

Did you live in West Allis, Wisconsin, the residence of James Villa, former chief of staff for the Milwaukee County Executive Office; and did you reside in Milwaukee County at the time you were employed in the Milwaukee County Executive Office?

Why are you now claiming your residency during that time is in Columbia County?

Well, a hearing on the change-of-venue motion is set for March 30.

Maybe you can explain to the people of Milwaukee County, and all of Wisconsin for that matter. Or would that just be to the people of Columbia County, as you say?

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